Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Friday, 19 November 2004.  Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member editorial board The Free Arab Voice.


Friday, 19 November 2004.




Battle continues as Resistance holds on to the south while harrying US forces in northern al-Fallujah.


The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in al-Fallujah, in a report posted at 9:30pm Mecca time Friday night, reported that battles between the Resistance and US Marines had intensified along the perimeter of the ash-Shuhada’ and al-Jubayl neighborhoods and the industrial zone of southern al-Fallujah.  For the first time in four days, fighting is reported in the al-‘Askari neighborhood as well.


On Thursday the Iraqi Resistance broke through into the northern half of al-Fallujah, where the American invaders are in a stronger position, and got into the al-Muhandisin neighborhood.  The they pulled back to the southern part of the city, controlled by the Resistance in what appears to have been a Resistance attack and retreat operation.


US troops have not been able to advance into the southern half of the city for three days.  The Resistance, however, opened fighting yesterday in he al-‘Askari neighborhood in the east of the city after several days during which virtually no Resistance activity took place in that part of town.


The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent noted that US forces in their attacks on the ash-Shuhada’ and al-Jubayl neighborhoods on Thursday used a new type of gas, different from those used before.  The new gas overcomes the victim and causes asphyxiation.  Twenty bodies of victims of the gas were found in the two neighborhoods in the last four days.


It appears that the Resistance fighters had come to cope with the dessicating gas used by the US forces, as Resistance fighters could be seen carrying around water-dampened cloths.


Meanwhile, US forces are still trying to comb through the northern part of al-Fallujah, but Resistance fighters strike them with ambushes, hampering their operations.  In fact as of the moment of writing this report, the correspondent wrote that American troops had only been able to raid about 15 percent of the houses in the northern part of al-Fallujah.  Americans mark houses that they have already raided by painting a red cross on it.


The Iraqi Resistance appears to have decided to concentrate its efforts in the southern half of the city.  They have not permitted American snipers to take up positions in the south of the city.  The correspondent observed that the only US snipers on the south side of the city were on the outsides of the industrial workshops in the industrial zone and on the outsides of the houses in the ash-Shuhada’ and al-Jubayl neighborhoods.  No US snipers have been able to get inside the southern part of the city.


The Resistance in the southern part of the city is holding up and holding together very strongly.  The Battle of al-Fallujah is urban warfare, even though al-Fallujah is a small city – its length from north to south being only 4.5km and its width from east to west only 4km.  Therefore the room to manoeuver within the city is limited.  Despite the diminutive size of the city there are more than 1,050 tanks and armored vehicles besides the armored personnel carriers and Humvees ringing the city.  This is a larger number of vehicles than encircled Baghdad during the American invasion of the country in the spring of 2003.


For fourth straight day: Resistance forces cut American supply lines to forces attacking al-Fallujah.


Iraqi Resistance forces for the fourth straight day have been able to cut the US supply lines feeding American troops besieging al-Fallujah.  The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in the area reported that Resistance forces had cut the three main roads leading to al-Fallujah, in particular the road leading from Abu Ghurayb to al-Fallujah, in addition to two other routes running to the north and south.


By cutting the land routes to al-Fallujah, the Iraqi Resistance is seriously obstructing the supply of the American attackers in and around the city.


Sectarian hatred stirred up to serve US imperialism.


The correspondents of Mafkarat al-Islam in the areas of as-Saqlawiyah and al-‘Amiriyah outside al-Fallujah report observing that every vehicle belonging to the puppet so-called “Iraqi national guard” that is participating in the US assault on al-Fallujah without exception is festooned with pictures supposed to represent the Imam ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib and the Imam Husayn ibn ‘Ali, the two top “patron saints” of Shi‘i Islam.  Some of the pictures carry the motto, “With the blessings of our Master ‘Ali we enter al-Fallujah.”


Also visible flying over many of the “national guard” cars are the distinctive black flags of the Shi‘i clerical establishment.


Inside al-Fallujah, the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent reports that the members of the “national guard” have committed massacres of unarmed civilians, including women, children, and the elderly.  Local civilians in al-Fallujah now fear the behavior of the “national guard” more than they fear the actions of the American occupation troops themselves.


Eyewitnesses inside the city report that members of the “national guard” have cut up the bodies of civilians that they find.  Refugees from the city’s al-Jawlan neighborhood said that “national guardsmen” ran over the bodies of civilians with their cars and jumped on them with their feet.  US troops only do such things to the bodies of Resistance fighters, but the “national guards” do it to the bodies of civilians, including women, children, and old people, in addition to the bodies of the Resistance fighters.


The behavior of the “national guardsmen” towards civilians has been extremely bad, the sources report.  Even translators working for the Americans hit and slap prisoners, despite the fact that their job supposedly is only to translate.


It is evident, the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondents write, that these “national guard” puppet troops are motivated by an intense sectarian hatred, stoked by declarations and fatwas issued by leading Shi‘i clerics in an-Najaf.


Mafkarat al-Islam is careful to note, however, that there are Shi‘i leaders who have denounced the American attack on the city of al-Fallujah.  These include the Ayatallah Ahmad al-Baghdadi, Shaykh Jawad al-Khalisi, and Sayyid Muqtada as-Sadr.  These Shi‘i religious leaders have condemned what is going on in al-Fallujah and have issued fatwas prohibiting Shi‘i Muslims from taking part in the war against al-Fallujah, denouncing as sinners those who engage in the campaign even if they do so under the banner of the “national guard” or the puppet police.


Iraqi Baath Party denounces “Iraqi Islamic Party” and religious reaction as a historic tool of colonialism and US imperialism.


The Arab Baath Socialist Party in Iraq published a declaration on Friday entitled “Religious Reaction is the historically the closed reserve for the policies of the United States.”  The Baath statement denounced the activity of various forms of religious reaction.


In the first place there is the religious reaction that acts hand in glove for Iran, and has done so under the Shah as well as under Khomeini.  Such religious reactionaries served as a traitorous base that welcomed and served the machinations of US efforts to destroy Iraq – economically, socially, and culturally.  As it served Iranian interests in Iraq, it also targeted the Arab character of Iraq and its unity as a country.


In the second place, the Baath statement said, there is the religious reaction that has historically served western colonialism and US imperialism.  It served US imperialism in its global cold war against the socialist camp after the Second World War, the Baath statement said.  Such reactionary religious elements were also instrumental in obstructing the Arab renaissance, and the effort reassert Arab unity under the banner of Arab nationalism and in particular under the banner of the Arab Baath Party with its program for Arab renaissance and unity.  It obstructed these efforts on bases that served colonialism and US imperialism by trying to counterpose Islam to Arabism.  In a totally contradictory manner, these religious reactionaries advocated leaping over Arab unity to somehow achieve pan-Islamic unity, but meanwhile they supported and legitimized the local petty Arab regimes that historically were allied with the colonialist west and the United States and that were formed on sectarian or dynastic bases.


At the present time, the Baath Party statement said, the so-called “Islamic Party” in Iraq is playing just such a reactionary role in service to US imperialism.  It is a party that arose out of the occupation and that operates under the umbrella of the occupation’s political program.  It emerged on the basis of its acceptance of the sectarian arrangement imposed by the US occupation, in which political roles are apportioned to different religious communities.  On this basis, it has taken part in carrying out the plans of the US occupation.  On the basis of this sectarian role, it has worked with the US occupation in the provinces of Baghdad, Al-Anbar, Diyala, Salah ad-Din at-Ta’mim and Ninwa [where there are large Sunni populations, trans.] It performed this role on behalf of the occupation at the time of the US offensive in April, when the Americans first attacked al-Fallujah [and the “Islamic Party” tried to play the role of a go-between with the occupation while undermining Resistance demands] and it continues to play this role on behalf of the US occupation today, the Baath Statement said.  It is trying to lay plots against the Iraqi Resistance for the benefit of the occupation and the puppet authority.


“The ‘Iraqi Islamic Party’ in its organization, policies, and leadership, constitutes a crude, lowly, and disgraceful example of reactionary religious plotting,” the Baath statement said, noting that has been condemned and rejected for its collaboration by the Muslim Brotherhood organization in other Arab regions, notably Jordan and Syria, from the very beginning, and from that in Egypt later on.  “It does its manoeuvering on a margin granted to it by the occupation, inasmuch as it has always opposed the jihadi armed confrontation that is being waged by the Iraqi national resistance movement on the basis of the cause of resistance and liberation,” the Baath statement concluded.


Iraqi Resistance organization seizes US weapons west of al-Fallujah, blows up US vehicle in Abu Ghurayb.


The Iraqi Resistance organization Brigades of the 1920 Revolution, the military wing of the National Islamic Resistance has announced that it has seized US weapons after an operation it carried out west of al-Fallujah.  In a video broadcast by al-Jazeera satellite TV, some of the American weapons and military materiel that the Brigades are displayed.


Meanwhile, the Brigades of the 1920 Revolution have taken credit for an attack on a US military patrol in the Abu Ghurayb area west of Baghdad.  Al-Jazeera TV also broadcast a video showing the detonation of bombs under a US military vehicle directly blasting the American vehicle and setting it ablaze.




Americans kill 14 Iraqi civilians as clashes erupt when US troops storm Abu Hanifah Mosque in Baghdad.


US invader troops together with puppet so-called “Iraqi national guards” and puppet policemen stormed into the Mosque of Abu Hanifah an-Nu‘man in the al-A‘zamiyah area of Baghdad on Friday.  The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent reported that the attack took place at about 11am and was followed by clashes between the Americans and their stooges on the one side and members of the Iraqi Resistance forces in the area.


The Abu Hanifah Mosque is associated with the tomb of one of Sunni Islam’s greatest religious figures, Abu Hanifah an-Nu‘man, the founder of the oldest and largest school of Islamic jurisprudence, who taught in Baghdad and died in prison there in the year 767, having refused to serve a Caliph.


The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent wrote that the Resistance fighters fired RPG7 and SPG9 rockets and BKC automatic weapons in the fighting.  In the end, the fighting left two US military Bradley armored vehicles, a Humvee, a Nissan patrol car belonging to the puppet police, and a Nissan pickup belonging to the puppet “national guard” troops destroyed.  Eleven American troops, three puppet policemen and six puppet “national guards” were killed in the battle.  In addition, three US troops were seriously injured by Resistance gunfire.


The US and stooge forces responded to the Resistance fighters by firing indiscriminately around the area, killing 14 Iraqi civilians.


Resistance bomb ambush in Qanat al-Jaysh in Baghdad targets US supply convoy.


An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded in the path of a US truck loaded with supplies for the US forces as it drove along the highway passing through Qanat al-Jaysh in Baghdad at 5pm Friday afternoon.  The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent reported that the blast destroyed the truck and killed one American soldier and wounded another.


Resistance bombing in ar-Rashidiyah.


An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded under a US patrol in the ar-Rashidiyah area in Baghdad at 4pm Friday, destroying a Humvee and killing three US troops who were aboard it.


Resistance kills two US intelligence officers in evening attack in al-Hurriyah, Baghdad.


Iraqi Resistance forces firing RPG7 and RPG8 rockets attacked US forces on the highway in the ad-Dawli‘i area in the al-Hurriyah district of Baghdad at about 6:30pm Friday evening, destroying a command GMC car and a Humvee.  The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in the area reported that two US troops were killed and two others wounded and that two American intelligence officers in the GMC were also killed in the attack.


Resistance destroys two US supply trucks in al-Mushahadah.


Iraqi Resistance forces firing RPG7 rockets attacked two US trucks, one of them civilian, the other military, in the al-Mushahadah area north of Baghdad at 11am Friday.  The attack destroyed the civilian truck that was loaded with supplies for the US occupation forces and also the military truck that was carrying water for the American troops.  Two US troops were killed in the attack.


Resistance rocket attack kills four US soldiers Friday afternoon.


Iraqi Resistance fighters firing RPG7 rockets attacked a US military truck on the highway in the al-Ghazaliyah area, destroying the truck and killing four US soldiers at 4:30pm.


Resistance attacks in Abu Ghurayb.


At 4:15pm Friday, Iraqi Resistance forces detonated a bomb in the path of a US patrol in the Khan ad-Darri area of Abu Ghurayb, destroying a Humvee and killing one US soldier and wounding three others.


Iraqi Resistance forces firing RPG7 rockets attacked a US convoy in the ash-Shuhada’ neighborhood of Abu Ghurayb west of Baghdad at 8:30am Friday, destroying a civilian fuel tanker and a US military truck and killing three US troops.


Two Iraqi Resistance bombs exploded under a US Bradley vehicle in Abu Ghurayb west of Baghdad, destroying the vehicle and killing four US troops aboard it at 9am Friday morning.


Three suspected CIA agents killed in Resistance attack on Airport Road.


Iraqi Resistance forces firing RPG7 rockets attacked an armored US GMC vehicle believed to belong to the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) on Airport Rorad, destroying the GMC and killing three CIA agents inside.


Attack in as-Suwayrah.


At about 9:45am Friday, Iraqi Resistance forces attacked and destroyed a Humvee in the as-Suwayrah area south of Baghdad, killing two US troops and wounding four others.


Bombing destroys armored vehicle in Salman Bak.


An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded under a US armored vehicle in Salman Bak on Friday, destroying it and inflicting undetermined casualties on the US side.


Resistance car bomb kills eight puppet policemen in Baghdad Friday morning.


An Iraqi Resistance car bomb exploded by an Iraqi puppet police patrol as it was stopped in the az-Zuyunah district of Baghdad at 10:30am Friday.  The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the blast destroyed two puppet police cars and disabled a third in addition to killing eight puppet policemen and wounding nine others.  The correspondent noted that the blast also wounded a number of Iraqi passersby.


Resistance assassinates two collaborators.


Iraqi Resistance fighters in two incidents followed two lackeys of the US occupation on Friday on Hayfa Street in the al-Karakh district of Baghdad.  The first agent of the Americans was assassinated when Resistance forces opened fire on him with Kalashnikov assault rifles at about 9am local time.  The second American lackey was gunned down by the Resistance, also with Kalashnikov assault rifles, at 12:30pm.


World Vision Australia driven out of occupied Iraq.


Australia’s last “aid” organization in Iraq, World Vision, has announced that it will close its operations in the country “because it is too dangerous,” according to the director of the organization’s emergency relief operations, Geoff Shepherd.


“The move follows violent activities across Iraq, the death of Margaret Hassan and the previous death of World Vision’s own head of operations in Iraq,” Shepherd said in a statement.  World Vision’s representative, a man called Muhammad Hushyar, was shot to death in Mosul “by unknown armed men” at the end of September.


On its website, World Vision describes itself as “an international Christian relief and development organization.” It says that it was founded in 1950 by American missionary Bob Pierce who began his work in the American-occupied sector of Korea during the Korean War of US aggression in 1950-1953.  World Vision Australia’s website currently highlights the organization’s efforts in the Sudan, another Arab Islamic country under intense western imperialist and Zionist pressure.




Resistance destroys two Bradleys in morning ambush in al-Latifiyah.


At about 10am Friday, Iraqi Resistance forces firing RPG8 rockets clashed with US troops in al-Latifiyah, destroying two Bradley armored vehicles and disabling a third, killing eight US troops.


Bombardments around Iraq Friday.


Iraqi Resistance forces bombarded the US as-Suqur base south of Baghdad at 5am Friday with three Katyusha rockets.


Iraqi Resistance forces bombarded the headquarters of the US occupation in the Republican Palace compound known to the US invaders as the “green zone” at 7:30am local time with two Grad rockets.


Iraqi Resistance forces bombarded the US al-Bakr military base in Balad north of Baghdad where the puppet so-called “Iraqi national guard” are also based with two Grad rockets at 1:30pm Friday.


Iraqi Resistance forces bombarded the US as-Suqur base south of Baghdad at 3pm Friday with four Katyusha rockets.


Iraqi Resistance forces bombarded the headquarters of the US occupation in the Republican Palace compound known to the US invaders as the “green zone” at 4pm local time with six 82mm mortar rounds.


At about 6:30 Iraqi Resistance forces bombarded the British al-Mahawil bae with nine 82mm mortar rounds.


At 7 Iraqi Resistance forces bombarded the US airbase at al-Muthanna in Baghdad with three Katyusha rockets.


At 7:30 Iraqi Resistance forces bombarded the US airbase at al-Muthanna in Baghdad with eight 82mm mortar rounds.


Iraqi Resistance forces bombarded Saddam International Airport with four 120mm mortar rounds at 8:30.


At 10:30 Iraqi Resistance forces bombarded Saddam International Airport with two Grad rockets.