Communiqué issued by the Information Department of the

" Supreme Command of the Resistance and Liberation Forces "

regarding the events following the arrest of President Saddam Hussein

Communiqué Text

Supreme Command of the Resistance

and Liberation Forces

Press Release

The number of operations carried out by the valorous resistance squads against the invasion forces since the arrest of president Saddam Hussein until today’s daybreak have reached 243 operations all over the Iraqi territory.

Three traitors were arrested, and interrogation procedure is underway regarding their collaboration with the enemy in setting up an espionage network in the interest of the invasion forces.

According to an information issued by the  Supreme Command of the Resistance and Liberation Forces, president Saddam Hussein was not exposed to treachery, as it had been propagandized by the American Administration, rather, he was arrested as a result of observing one of the President close and regular contacts.

Since the arrest of  president Saddam Hussein up until the issuing of this Communiqué, the material losses inflicted upon the enemy forces were: more than 14 tanks, 18 Hummers, and 4 armed vehicles. However, the enemy forces have refused to reveal such losses.

The  Supreme Command of the Resistance and Liberation Forces learnt that, state presidents of some Arab Satellite Channels were requested to ban all Satellite Broadcasting Stations from reporting the resistance activities and operations against the enemy, and prohibit broadcasting of anti- infidels (American) demonstrations.

By God ! verily their days ( the enemies) shall be of a grief and sorrow, and by the will of God victory is on our side. 21-12-2003