For Albasrah

Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Thursday, 18
December 2003 through Sunday, 21 December 2003.
Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr,
member, editorial board, The Free Arab Voice.

Thursday, 18 December 2003.

The Iraqi Resistance continued its assaults on the
occupation forces on Thursday, particularly in the
so-called Sunni triangle, despite massive imperialist
drives to stamp out the popular movement, through
cutting off city after city from the outside world and
then rampaging through residential areas in violent
house-to-house raids, searches, and arrests that
terrorized women and children throughout much of the
occupied country.

Iraqi Resistance forces in the al-Karradah
neighborhood of central Baghdad attacked an American
occupation patrol, killing one US soldier and wounding
two others. An American spokeswoman said that that
dead and wounded Americans belonged to the US
occupation's 1st Armored Division. An Iraqi translator
collaborating with the Americans was also killed.

In Mosul two American occupation soldiers were wounded
when the Iraqi Resistance fired an anti-tank weapon at

Also on Wednesday, in the northern city of Mosul,
Iraqi Resistance fighters shot and killed a puppet
policeman according to the puppet police force. Iraqi
collaborationist security forces defending the
interests of the occupation opened fire on
demonstrators protesting the capture of Iraqi
President Saddam Hussein, wounding nine, witnesses
said, rather than the earlier-reported figure of four.

Demonstrations continued Thursday in protest against
the capture and imprisonment of Iraqi President Saddam
Hussein. A protest of at least 1,000 people swept
al-Huwayjah in defiance of threats from the American
occupation and its stooges the Iraqi puppet police.
Demonstrators, most of them men and students from
nearby Kirkuk University, fired weapons into the air,
raised pictures of the Iraqi leader and marched from
the town market to the puppet government building,
chanting their support of the Iraqi Resistance.

Meanwhile Samarra' remained cut off from the outside
world for the third straight day, surrounded by two
brigades of US occupation troops as a third brigade
rampaged through the city streets blowing open house
doors and ransacking citizens' homes in a desperate
effort to suppress the rising tide of popular
resistance. The occupation announced that it had
arrested more than 800 Iraqis whom it charged with
taking part in operation against their illegal alien
presence in Iraq.

The wave of arrests spread to the city of Baaqubah
where observers estimated the number of imprisoned
citizens at more than 20,000 Iraqis.

In Washington Thursday, anonymous Pentagon sources
told Agence France Presse (AFP) that the US plans to
increase rather than decrease the number of its forces
in occupied Iraq.

Senior US imperialist defense officials said Thursday
that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld had approved
the deployment of an extra brigade of the 82nd
Airborne Division to Iraq in January and extended that
of another brigade "to maintain combat power" as other
forces are being rotated out.

The deployment will increase the total size of the US
occupation force in Iraq by some 2,000 troops over a
three-month period in which the entire force is being
replaced with fresh units, the officials said,
speaking on condition of anonymity.

This information contradicts earlier Pentagon claims
that there would be fewer American occupation soldiers
in Iraq after the planned "troop rotation."

In addition to US military personnel, Washington plans
to make greatly expanded use of so-called "civilian
contractors" to provide logistical and other services
for the troops, relieving those military personnel to
engage in combat against the escalating Resistance.

Sources: al-Arab al-Yawm daily newspaper, Amman,
Jordan, Friday, 19 December 2003.
Al-Quds al-Arabi daily newspaper, London, Friday, 19
December 2003.

Friday, 19 December 2003.

Vice-Chairman of the Revolution Command Council of the
Iraqi Republic, 'Izzat Ibrahim ad-Duri announced on
Friday that he had assumed command of the Arab
Socialist Baath Party in Iraq as well as command of
Resistance operations against the occupation after the
imprisonment of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. The
announcement came in a statement that was circulating
throughout the so-called Sunni triangle of Iraq.

Witnesses said that the statement was signed by 'Izzat
ad-Duri. The Jordanian daily al-Arab al-Yawm obtained
the text of the statement via telephone from informed
persons who had seen the document in Iraq.

In the statement 'Izzat Ibrahim ad-Duri held the
occupation forces responsible for the life of
President Saddam Hussein, but did not refer to the
circumstances of the Iraqi President's capture nor to
how he fell into the hands of the occupation.

Ad-Duri said in the statement that the Baath Party had
conferred upon him this responsibility, saying that
the imprisonment of the Iraqi President is an
incentive that will impel Resistance forces to
escalate the resistance struggle until the occupation
is swept out of Iraq.

Meanwhile the Iraqi Resistance continued its struggle
against the occupation Friday. Resistance fighters
blew up a large fuel storage tank belonging to the
American occupation forces near the town of Abu
Ghurayb. Fire erupted at the fuel storage facility
and two American soldiers were killed and two others
injured. Guards who were supposed to protect the
facility fled the area and contented themselves with
watching the fire as Iraqi citizens gathered to
express their delight at the heroic Resistance

Al-Arab al-Yawm also reported that a number of US
occupation troops were wounded when the Iraqi
Resistance attacked them, detonating an explosive
device in the road as their military Humvee passed by.
The Humvee was destroyed in the attack that took
place on the highway near the al-Muhammadi district.

An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded in Baghdad early on
Friday, ripping through a headquarters of Iraq's main
Shi'ite Muslim collaborationist political group in the
al-Jihad neighborhood of the capital. At least one
woman was killed and seven injured, witnesses said.
The witnesses said the explosion rocked a residence at
a compound of the Iranian-backed collaborationist
so-called Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution
in Iraq (SCIRI) at about 0200 GMT. The US occupation
uses the SCIRI milita, the so-called Badr Brigade,
which was trained and armed by Iran, in its repression
of the Iraqi population. A SCIRI official confirmed
the explosion, but had no further details on the

One witness said the structure was blown up by a large
explosive device.
There was no immediate comment from the US military
occupation authorities on the attack incident. Other
residents of the area said the building had been a
headquarters of the Arab Socialist Baath Party prior
to the American invasion, but that after the Americans
seized control of the country, the office was taken
over by the collaborationist SCIRI militia, the Badr
Brigade. They claimed that families also lived there.

US occupation officials initially demanded that the
Badr Brigades disarm. The Brigades had been armed and
trained by the Iranian government inside Iran for some
two decades with the aim of fighting the Iraqi
government. Recently, however, as the Iraqi
Resistance mounts and American casualties escalate,
the occupation forces have begun employing the Badr
Brigades in "security patrols." According to current
plans, the collaborationist Badr Brigades to be part
of a US puppet security force that are also to include
collaborationist Kurdish chauvinist militias.

Iraqi Resistance fighters fired three rocket-propelled
grenades at storage tanks in southern Baghdad on
Friday evening, sparking fires that burned for hours
on Saturday and consumed about 2.6 million gallons of
gasoline, puppet "Oil Ministry" spokesman 'Isam Jihad
said. Iraqi puppet police were investigating, he said.

Imperialist sources admitted on Friday that Iraqi
Resistance forces attacked the convoy of US Proconsul
L. Paul Bremer survived on 6 December, when he was
returning from the occupied airport. The Resistance
attack occurred on the day the imperialist US
secretary of defense arrived for a secret visit.
According to the American account none of the
occupiers was hurt in the Resistance attack.

L. Paul Bremer was riding in an armored civilian-style
vehicle when Resistance fighters detonated a roadside
bomb and attacked with small arms fire, said Dan
Senor, a spokesman for the US occupation forces. The
convoy quickly fled from the Resistance fighters and
no one was injured in the attack, which took place on
a stretch of highway in west Baghdad near the airport.

At Friday congregational prayers in Baghdad, Mahmud
al-'Ithawi, the Imam of the Mosque of 'Abd al-Qadir
al-Gilani, one of the most important Sunni mosques,
warned that there was a growing danger of sectarian
violence between Sunnis and Shia Iraqis, something
that he said the American occupation authorities were
trying to ignite. He called for escalating work to
head off any such sectarian fighting. Al-'Ithawi did
not raise the issue of the arrest of Iraqi President
Saddam Hussein.

Al-'Ithawi said, however, "we denounce and condemn
attacks on places of worship, be they mosques or
Shiite Husayniyahs, assassinations and other religious
violations. We do not want to point the finger at any
particular confessionalist group. Whoever does these
things is not a Muslim, neither Sunni nor Shi'i, but
is working, rather for some suspicious party. The
Americans have come and occupied our country and want
to destroy our unity. Since the occupation forces
first set foot on our land they have worked to incite
confessionalism. Beware! Beware lest we shed one
another's blood. We are all Muslims." Al-'Ithawi
called for resistance to the Americans, saying "bring
down ruin upon their camps. Sow fear in their hearts.
Unite your ranks to liberate our country."

Thousands of Iraqis marched through the streets of
Baghdad and al-Mahmudiyah in protest Friday. They
rejected the occupation and condemned the inhuman
American nighttime raids on residential homes.
Demonstrators called for the release of all prisoners
held in the dungeons of the occupation.

In what appeared to be a new type of tactics by the
occupation forces, American aggressor troops cordoned
off the al-Mustafa Mosque in the city of
al-Mahmudiyah, near Baghdad, on Friday, deploying a
large number of troops and vehicles in the vicinity of
the building.

Correspondents in the area said that organizers of a
march which was scheduled to begin at the mosque made
an agreement with the American occupation forces that
they would cancel the march and demonstrate in the
courtyard of the mosque. The accord was reached after
American occupation forces agreed to meet the demands
of the marchers and release the prisoners that they
were holding.

A correspondent reported that the mosque belonged to
the Board of Muslim 'Ulama' which had previously
called on worshippers to demonstrate in protest
against the repeated indiscriminate raids and arrests
of citizens by the US occupation troops. Other
demonstrations were expected to be launched elsewhere
against the Americans' treatment of Iraqi citizens.

Three Iraqi puppet policemen were killed and two
injured when American occupation forces by mistake
opened fire on their lackeys in the Sulayman Bey area
in the north east of Iraq on Friday evening. The
Americans said that they thought the puppet policemen
were highway robbers.

Special report:

The occupation forces' security mercenaries.

The Iraqi Human Rights Committee reports that American
forces executed 14 Iraqi citizens on Friday, 29
November 2003 without any known cause, and that seven
bodies were delivered to the Jordanian Hospital in
al-Fallujah. The Committee also confirms that the
number of Iraqi prisoners held by the occupation
authorities has reached 17,488, among the prisoners,
412 Iraqis have been executed without trial, and 620
have been tortured to the point that they are unable
to work.

The Iraqi Human Rights Committee further says that
6,100 prisoners have disappeared and nothing is known
of their fate despite efforts to research them.

The occupation authorities have destroyed 226 houses
and 179 civilians have been killed by the authorities
without having had any connection with the Iraqi
Resistance. The Human Rights Committee also state
that the political organizations run by persons such
as Ahmad Chelebi and Iyad 'Alawi's movmement or the
organizations run by Jalal Talibani, Mas'ud
al-Barzani, 'Aziz al-Hakim and Ibrahim Ja'fari as well
as a number of individuals in the police have made
denunciations of Iraqi citizens to the American forces
leading to their arrest without proof. Hatred and
politically motivated hostility to those arrested was
the true reason for most of those denunciations.

This is Zionist style behavior now being practiced in
Iraq after its criminal violence was transplanted from
Palestine by the American invaders. The racist
criminal occupiers of Iraq are the brother of the
racist criminal occupiers of Palestine.

From a supplement to Nida' al-Muqawamah, No. 12,
issued on 15 December 2003.

Sources: al-Arab al-Yawm daily newspaper, Amman,
Jordan Saturday, 20 December 2003.

Saturday, 20 December 2003.

The Iraqi Resistance fighters attacked an American
occupation patrol in ar-Ramadi on Saturday with
anti-tank weapons and light arms. According to
American occupation claims, the US side suffered no
casualties in the attack but returned fire and
captured three of the attackers.

Over the night of Friday to Saturday, US occupation
troops at one of their many check points near
ar-Ramadi opened fire at an approaching car that
failed to slow down to sufficiently to please them.
One of the occupants of the car was wounded. A US
occupation military communique said that three other
occupants of the car were arrested.

Also Saturday, a pipeline exploded in the Mushahadah
area, 50km north of Baghdad, in what Jihad said also
was an act of the Iraqi Resistance sabotage - the
latest in a series of attacks on Iraq's oil
infrastructure aimed at preventing the occupation from
stealing Iraq's oil resources to use for its
imperialist and Zionist purposes.

In an-Najaf the Iraqi puppet police announced that two
leading members of the Arab Baath Socialist Party were
shot to death on Saturday in two separate attacks
carried out by "unknown persons." Witnesses said that
the first victim was the former chairman of the
General Union of Women of Iraq and a member of the
Iraqi National Assembly for an-Najaf, Nahidah
at-Tushi. The second assassination victim was 'Ali
Qasem, who residents say was an informer for the Iraqi
security services.

Al-Jazeera TV said that this was the third attack in
the Shiite city of an-Najaf that appear to constitute
a series of revenge murders of local members of the
Baath Party.

In al-Fallujah, American aggressor forces attacked a
hotel and arrested 20 students who were staying there.

Also on Saturday morning, US occupation forces
arrested a green grocer in the city of Tikrit on the
suspicion that he was connected with an attack on
American forces.

US aggressor forces destroyed a home in Samarra',
claiming that it what been used by Iraqi Resistance
fighters in opening fire on an American military

Townspeople in the city of Rawah, in western Iraq
reported that a large number of American aggressor
troops invaded the city, which lies near the Syrian
border, and carried out raids and searches of homes,
looking for Iraqi Resistance fighters. The occupation
troops arrested about 100 citizens of the town.
American aggressor forces killed one Iraqi woman in
the city when they fired a percussion grenade in the
course of their raid.

In the southern city of Karbala', Polish troops
working for the American aggressors imposed a curfew
starting Saturday evening in order for them to carry
out raids and searches of houses as they look for what
they call "terrorists."

Sources: al-Arab al-Yawm daily newspaper, Amman,
Jordan, Sunday, 21 December 2003. Al-Arab al-Yawm
daily newspaper, Amman, Jordan, Monday, 22 December

Sunday, 21 December 2003.

Iraqi Resistance fighters attacked two oil pipelines
that link oilfields in northern and southern Iraq with
the refineries in the center of the country. Two
pipelines in northern Iraq were attacked by a barrage
of Iraqi Resistance mortar fire. In addition American
and British occupation authorities said that they were
investigating attacks on the oil infrastructure near
Tikrit, where a local pipeline was also attacked by
the Resistance.

'Isam Jihad, public relations counselor to the puppet
"oil minister" Ibrahim Bahr al-'Ulum, said that three
anti-tank rockets on Friday evening struck a pipeline
carrying oil from the south of Iraq to the capital
(see Iraqi Resistance Report for Friday, above). As a
result of the attack, Jihad said, large quantities of
petroleum products were spilled in an area in the
south of Baghdad.

Jihad added that an attack at nearly the same time
with explosives targeted a pipeline bringing oil from
the north of Iraq in the Mushahdah area, 50km north of
Baghdad. See Iraqi Resistance Report for Saturday,

As a result of these and similar attacks on the oil
infrastructure, Jihad said, production output capacity
from the oil refineries of the country has been
reduced by half. This has led to the gasoline crisis
now plaguing occupied Iraq.

On Sunday morning, Iraqi Resistance fighters fired a
rocket-propelled grenade at a US occupation military
convoy located at a puppet police recruitment center
in Mosul, 250 miles north of Baghdad. The grenade hit
a passing civilian vehicle, seriously wounding the
Iraqi driver, according to an Associated Press
Television News cameraman at the scene. Some of the
US occupation soldiers in the three-truck convoy were
outside their vehicles when the attack happened but
were unhurt, APTN reported.

US general Richard Myers, Chairman of the US
imperialist Joint Chiefs of Staff, who paid an
unexpected visit to occupied Iraq last week, announced
that after the capture of Iraqi President Saddam
Hussein, "hundreds" of other Resistance fighters and
some leaders have also been captured. In spite of
that, Myers saw no changes in the security situation
in Iraq in the near fugure. Myers stated that US
occupation forces would need to remain at around
100,000 men at least until the end of the year 2004.

In Baghdad, the puppet "minister of higher education"
said tens of thousands of university professors might
go on strike at the end of the year to demand higher
Many professors earn about $180, a monthly wage set
with the guidance of the US ocupation, Zayad 'Abd
ar-Razzaq Aswad said. He said professors should earn
about $1000 a month, roughly what they make in
neighboring Jordan. "Universities are bound to strike
as a result of the low salaries of the teaching
staff," Aswad said.

Aswad also reported that US occupation forces had
arrested three Iraqi scientists from the University of
Technology in Baghdad four days ago. The American
occupation forces are subjecting the scientists to
intensive interrogations in connection with American
claims regarding weapons of mass destruction. Aswad
said that the three were teachers in the University
who had been ousted by force from the University after
the American occupation. Aswad said that the puppet
"ministry of higher education" had addressed the
puppet so-called "Interim Governing Council," the
first time to protest violations of the sanctity of
college campuses and the arrest of educational cadres
working there, and the second message provided for
adding the issue of protection of teachers to the work
agenda of the puppet "council of ministers" and the
prvision of immunity to them, so as to prevent their

Sources: al-Arab al-Yawm daily newspaper, Amman,
Jordan Monday, 22 December 2003.