ريان الشققي


Blast your way through life
Blast while you can
You are strong
No one will stop you
Nobody cares!!
Liberation is around the corner!
A trip to the bazaar
A walk through the garden of grass
What a disgrace
This is the shame on a human’s face
Lives of humanity aren’t a vision …  
… on the screen of a video game.

Death is the fate of all
It matters the most how it comes
Crime committers know it all.

He clearly said:
“We will bring you food and medicine.”
“We will liberate you.”
You know, we have a “STEALTH”
We have a “B-52”
We have a “cruise”
Freedom spells destruction, I know
It can also spell death, for certain
We will not stop until you are liberated,  ….
Or worse abolished.

F-18 will bomb your ancient homes
Wake up and stay astride
Or rest dead under the wreckage
Sacrifice your beloved children
And you become free
We will ruin your amazing culture
We will set you back a few decades
We wont leave you alone, so …
… We will give you a barrel of oil
Use it to worm up in the heat of the summer
Use it on your deep wounds
They may become great scars
Use it against radiation
Trust me it does not work

You live one life
We will set you free
With one arm
May be one eye
Or a burnt face
And no family to witness
Or rather all of the above

Free is the aim today
Democracy my recipes
And my way
Voters believe me
Watch the media
It works well
I am the greatest good leader…
..........of evils
At all times